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U.A. Whitaker Building

U.A. Whitaker Building

Core facility: U.A. Whitaker Building (UAW) @ Georgia Tech

The $23 million U.A. Whitaker Building is home to the Coulter Department on the Georgia Tech campus. The 99,822-square-foot facility anchors the biotechnology corridor at Georgia Tech and provides administrative offices, classrooms and laboratories for the department. 


Location    313 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332

YouTube    Self-guided walking tour, view here.

Flickr          U.A. Whitaker Building

U.A. Whitaker Highlights: 

  • 2FS fluorescence microscope with quadnocular head and the highest light-gathering capability of any 20x microscope lens
  • Unique continuous flow system that uses a parallel plate flow chamber to mimic venous, arterial or disturbed flow effects on human cells for up to 72 hours
  • Postural perturbation device, EMG system, and 8-camera motion capture system
  • Coulter counter, flow cytometer, bioanalyzer, biolevitator, large “reach-in" incubator, real-time PCR.
  • PCR DNA amplifier
  • Lab/research space, 22,474 sq. ft.
  • Instructional facilities, 13,062 sq. ft.
  • Office space, 17,669 sq. ft.
  • General use space, 9,600 sq. ft.
  • 828 W. Peachtree, Lab/research 1,271 sq. ft.
  • 828 W. Peachtree, Office space, 388 sq. ft.