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Engage with Biomedical Engineering Students

As a leader in biomedical engineering, we are preparing our students to be the next generation of research leaders. We offer many opportunities for companies large and small to engage and become familiar with our student and alumni talent.


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How to engage with our

Biomedical Engineering Students

attend our annual Biotechnology Career Fair in September

tours of your facilities

info sessions
speak with students about company opportunities

lunch with industry
round table discussions with students about career paths, competitive edge, topics of interest

internships and co-ops

special events or awards

day in the lobby
one-on-one or small group interactions


Bachelor of Science Program


Graduates of the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering follow career paths as diverse as regulatory agencies like the FDA, medicine, dentistry, public health, hospital administration, healthcare IT, healthcare consulting, medical field engineers, device design, patent law, technology start-ups, entrepreneurship, designing shoes for Nike, and public service through Teach for America.

BME Students Skills

  • Comfort with complexity and incomplete information
  • Communication and team work
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Design & entrepreneurial skills and spirit


BME Depth & Breadth Electives

BME Undergraduate Curriculum

  • 131 hours total
  • 78 hours of required engineering and science courses
  • 26 hours of general education courses
  • 12 hours of depth electives
  • 15 hours of breadth electives

BME Specific Engineering & Science Courses

  • Engineering / BME Application / Physiology / Labs

Graduate Programs



Full-time, two-year residential program that is completed in four sequential semesters.


One-year professional master's program in the dynamic field of biomedical engineering devices and technology.


The Coulter Department participates in a variety of interdisciplinary programs.

Sponsor a Capstone Design team

mentor a small team of students and solve a real clinical need.

The role of an adviser is to:

  • Help students fully understand a healthcare issue
  • Participate in weekly communication
  • Provide design feedback and contribute to ideation
  • Assist with obtaining clinical access


  • Submit a project proposal 
BME Capstone Website

More Information

Lisa Lewis-Fears

Lisa Lewis-Fears

Corporate Relations Manager, Undergraduate Students

Location: UAW 1109A
Phone: 404.894.8046

Gul Shah

Gul Shah

Corporate Relations Manager, Graduate Students

Location: UAW 1101

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