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Projected Lifecycle

Projected Lifecycle of a Biomedical Engineering Ph.D Student

Closeup of Georgia Tech Ph.D. regalia in gold and navy blue with the seal of the Institute on the lapels.

The dates listed here are the absolute deadlines for each milestone. We encourage you to begin early.


Year 2
Qualifying Exam & Teaching Assistantship
  1. Qualifying Exam (scheduled Aug. 1 – Nov. 1)
  2. Teaching Assistantship
    • TA forms can be accessed through this App
Year 4
Deadline to be Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy (Sept. 15)

Access the Coulter BME graduate program handbook, with important program-related information.


* NOTE: The handbook is currently being revised. Please contact the Ph.D. Programs Manager or see the Canvas Orientation site for important, timely information.

Please email the Academic Office:

Ph.D. lifecycle and academic administration