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Georgia Tech - Emory Shuttle Service Information

Georgia Tech - Emory Shuttle Service Information

Georgia Tech and Emory provides direct service between Georgia Tech's Midtown Campus and Emory University's Clifton Campus. On Georgia Tech's campus, passengers may board at the Cherry Emerson bus stop. Service operates Monday-Friday each semester.

A free direct shuttle service is provided between the Biomedical Engineering department offices on each campus.

Georgia Tech provides real-time tracking through Passio GO! for its campus transit system.

Emory provides real-time tracking through TransLoc for its campus transit system.

Accessibility Information


The Georgia Tech - Emory Shuttle route is served by a high floor vehicle. Vehicles are lift-equipped with drivers who are trained in the lift's use. Please ask your driver if you need assistance boarding.

Georgia Tech and Groome Transportation have defined the process for handling lost and found items on the campus transit system. The purpose of the process is to adhere to safety and provide customers with the knowledge of how to obtain their items.

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Georgia Tech offers nine bus routes on its Midtown campus, connecting to regional transit, Emory University, Home Park, and Atlantic Station. Georgia Tech's transit system is open to students, employees, and campus guests. Boarding fees and IDs are not required to use the transit system, except where indicated.