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BME Departmental Award Winners Announced
Posted May 4, 2023



The Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University has announced the winners of its departmental awards for the 2022-23 academic year. A dozen undergraduate and graduate students were recognized for excellence in research and academics.


“These students represent the best of the biomedical engineering department through their outstanding scholarship and research,” says Essy Behravesh, Director of Student Services. "They inspire us to be our best selves.”


Undergraduate Awards: 

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award: Peter Lais for outstanding academic performance.


Outstanding Academic Service Award: Gururaj Deshpande for contributing to the student educational experience at Georgia Tech both inside and outside the classroom.


Outstanding Community Service Award: Danielle Glickstein for making service an integral part of her college experience.


S.K. Jain Outstanding Research: Sofiya Vyshnya for demonstrating outstanding research skills and sharing her work with the broader research community.


Outstanding Industrial Experience: Harini Mohan for performing exceptional work in, and demonstrating significant commitment to, the biomedical engineering industry through internship, cooperative education, or international work experiences. 


Outstanding Entrepreneur: Asher Altman for demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit and initiative in turning their innovative ideas into reality.


G. D. Jain Outstanding Senior: Kevin Li for exemplifying all–around excellence through their significant accomplishments.


Graduate Awards: 

Outstanding Community Service: Angela Jimenez for providing significant education, outreach, or community service to the larger community. 


Outstanding Departmental Service: Miguel Armenta Ochoa for demonstrating leadership or providing academic support within the Department.


Outstanding Fundamental/Basic Research: Abigail Paulson for performing exceptional fundamental research, leading to high impact publications in non-translational-focused journals and presentations at national/international conferences. 

Outstanding Entrepreneurship/Translational Research: (Charles) Anthony Ellis for demonstrating excellence in translational research or having an entrepreneurial spirit.


Outstanding Teaching/Mentorship: Yoel Alperin for demonstrating excellence in teaching or mentorship in the classroom, the lab, or elsewhere in the community.  


Each winner receives $500 as part of their award recognition. 





Kelly Petty  
Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering