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Young Charles Jang
Associate Professor
IBB 3304
Research Interests:

Dr. Jang’s lab uses multidisciplinary approaches to study muscle stem cell biology and develops bioactive stem cell delivery vehicles for use in regenerative medicine. Dr. Jang’s lab studies both basic aspects of muscle stem cell biology, especially systemic/metabolic regulations of stem cell and stem cell niche, as well as more translational aspects of muscle stem cell and other stem cells for use in therapeutic approaches for neuromuscular diseases and traumatic injuries.

  • Metabolic Regulation of Stem Cell Function 
  1. Redox regulation of muscle stem cell and its niche.
  2. Mitochondrial regulation of cell-cell fusion
  3. The role of mitochondrial dynamics and mitochondrial autophagy (mitophagy) during myogenesis and muscle regeneration
  4. Cellular rehabilitation to enhance muscle regeneration
  • Systemic regulation of muscle homeostasis and pathology
  1. Parabiosis 
  2. Parabiosis-on-a-chip
  • Engineering muscle stem cell niche for regenerative medicine
  1. Bioactive stem cell niche mimetics for in vivo delivery
  2. Muscle stem cell niche-on-a chip