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John Oshinski headshot
John Oshinski
EUH - AG10
Research Interests:

Dr. Oshinski is known for his collaborative efforts between Emory and the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as his dedication to advancing the technologies of MR imaging. The underlying mission of his research is the application of engineering principles and technical problem-solving techniques to current clinical problems in the imaging, diagnosis, and treatment cardiovascular disease.  His research has concentrated on developing imaging applications that directly impact disease diagnosis and patient care.

The major areas of Dr. Oshinski’s research program are 1) the development and application of imaging techniques for the evaluation of atherosclerotic plaques, 2) application of phase contrast MRI to study vascular hemodynamics, and 3) use of imaging to plan electrophysiology procedures such as cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). He is also committed to training scientists, physician-researchers, and physician-scientists.