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The International Plan

BME International Plan

BME International Plan


The International Plan is a challenging and coherent academic program for undergraduates that develops global competence within the context of a student's major. It is a degree-long program that integrates international studies and experiences into any participating major at Georgia Tech. Students will work closely with the International Plan office and the Biomedical Engineering Academic Office to make sure they are taking the right classes to lead to graduation.



Quick facts about the program

  • Students must apply and be admitted into the program.
  • There is no GPA requirement for first semester freshmen applying to the International Plan. All other applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA at the time of application.
  • The IP is intended for students in their first four semesters of college level study, but students who have already completed more than four semesters may still apply.
  • Students can choose either the Foreign Language Option (recommended) or the English Language Option.
  • Students must be abroad for 26 weeks. This time can be study, work or research, approved by the IP and academic major offices. The time abroad can be all at once, or broken up.
  • International Plan students must complete a core set of courses that address international issues that transcend the student's major. These courses may be taken at Georgia Tech and/or overseas and include at least one course focused on international relations, at least one course that provides an understanding of the global economy and at least one course that provides familiarity with an area of the world or a country.
  • There will be a capstone course in the BME major designed to tie the international studies and experiences together with the student's major.